Carpet need cleaning?

A carpet being cleaned correctly is vital to the longevity of any carpet regardless of price or quality, incorrect cleaning can greatly affect the performance and visual appearance of your carpet, unfortunately in many cases, not just the house holder some carpet cleaners are not using the correct equipment or procedures.

Why call Enviro Tech Carpet Cleaning ?
Enviro Tech run there steam cleaning machine at massive 250 F which at that temperature kills 99.9% of Bacteria, dust mites, E.coli, Staph, Salmonella, mould, viruses and any miocro-organisms hiding in your carpet.
Get your carpet clean, safe and sanitised.
Do yourself a favour and call all Tony at Enviro Tech Carpet Cleaning today on 0407 666 995

Areas we service Hamilton, Coleraine , Casterton, Merino, Digby, Dartmoor, Portland, Heywood, Warrnambool, Macarthur, Portfairy, Penshurst, Caramut, Hawkesdale, Mortlake, Dunkeld, Glenthompson, Wickliffe, Ararat, Stawell, Halls Gap, Horsham, Edenhope, Harrow, Balmoral, Cavendish and all the smaller communities in and around these towns – Servicing country people is an important part of our business.

Call Us today on 0407 666 995 or email us on admin@envirotechcarpetcleaning.com.au


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